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Raoul Veroni was 53 years old when his son Ral was born. By that time he had already designed, illustrated and printed over 40 fine books for bibliophiles; including works with celebrated authors such as Ricardo Molinari and Silvina Ocampo and new editions of classics by T.S. Elliot, Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe. These were produced both through the prestigious Colombo family publishing house and in Veroni's own studio in Calle Senillosa. Some of his finest works, including Enrique Banchs’ Cantos de Anochecer (1965) and an exquisite edition of Sapho’s poetry (1968), were yet to come. As might be expected of such a prolific artist, his son grew up to the sound of the printing press, observing his father entranced in productions in lithography, etching and typeset. Sadly, Alzheimer’s was to take its toll on Raoul Veroni before he was able to directly pass on his skills, but his influence as a creator of books was to have a resounding influence on his son in later years.

Ral Veroni created his first book, Jaguares y Cacatúas, in 1990. Distinct to the production of his father, this was not a book for bibliophiles as such but rather an artist's book: with all content and production by himself. In travels which have since taken him across the USA and Europe, Ral Veroni discovered the inherent power of the artist's book for representation without the need for galleries, agents or any other third party; the space and strength they give to the artist as a truly independent creator. Now returned to his homeland, Ral Veroni continues his production of artist's books to the present day.

This is the first exhibition to bring together the work of father and son; the first opportunity in over 20 years to view Raoul Veroni's exquisite editions for bibliophiles and the first to see, amongst his other works, Ral Veroni’s stunning latest artist’s book The Lottery Project.

Linda Neilson
Exhibition Curator

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